AEE leverages several business models to diversify risk, income and effort

Affiliate Marketing

AEE promotes a wide range of brands on My2Dads website and social media through affiliate marketing agreements.  We only promote products we use for our business or home.

Online Community

AEE aims to build an online community for gay couples embarking on their adoption journey at  This site will provide insights, resources and networks to help prospective parents navigate the adoption process and successfully build their families.


AEE is currently building our presence on Amazon as Abbott Eggleston and offers a variety of products in the pet, health & beauty, office supply, kitchen & bath markets.  We utilize Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) to ensure the highest customer service.  We're also exploring other markets.

Drop Shipping

AEE curates a hand-selected set of products on TheWiseCook, CamouflageOutfitters and Jackson's Coffee House through dropshipping relationships.  This arrangement allows us to offer products to niche markets without the expense of maintaining the inventory.

Crowdfunding Platform

AEE aims to build a crowdfunding platform linking your love of training with your charitable nature.  This platform will power and eventually other charitable giving websites.

Kindle Books

AEE is currently working to produce a Kindle book detailing our adoption journey.  This title will support our community and lay the foundation for other titles including event planning and large scale catering events.

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